Kiwanis Club of Claremont, NH

Welcome to Kiwanis Club of Claremont, NH! We are all passionate about making our community and the world a better place for children to thrive in. We are devoted to serving the children in the greater Claremont community and as part of Kiwanis International we help children all across the country and worldwide through unique and innovative service projects and fundraising initiatives. Claremont Kiwanis has been helping our local families for over 70 years. We make volunteering fun!

Photo: Barnes Park Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in October 2023. The Kiwanis Club of Claremont, NH awarded the recreation department $50,000 for new playground equipment. The Claremont Savings Bank also contributed a $5,000 grant, and the city of Claremont contributed an additional $1,000 to cover the $56,000 cost.

The Kiwanis Mission & Vision

Kiwanis empowers communities to improve the world by making lasting differences in the lives of children. Kiwanis strives to be a positive influence in communities worldwide — so that one day, all children will wake up in communities that believe in them, nurture them and provide the support they need to thrive. Our Kiwanis club fulfills the Kiwanis mission by serving our community through Kiwanis Community Service Projects.

Kiwanis Service

Service is at the heart of every Kiwanis club, no matter where in the world it’s located. Members stage approximately 150,000 service projects and raise nearly US$100 million every year for communities, families and projects. By working together, members achieve what one person cannot accomplish alone.

Our Kiwanis club focuses on changing the world by serving children, one child in our community at a time. To reach more people and have a greater service impact on their communities, many clubs sponsor a Kiwanis family club — K-Kids for primary school children; Builders Clubs for adolescents; Key Clubs for teens; Circle K clubs for university students and Aktion Clubs for adults living with disabilities.

Join Us

For more than a century, Kiwanis has created opportunities for children to be curious, safe and healthy regardless of the community in which they live. When you give a child the chance to learn, experience, dream, grow, succeed and thrive, great things can happen.

Our Kiwanis club fulfills the Kiwanis mission by serving our community through Kiwanis Community Service Projects.

Are you ready to help create communities that let all children thrive, prosper and grow? It’s pretty easy to do! Simply contact us with your questions and and learn more about Kiwanis club membership here.

The kids in your community and the world are counting on you!